Finals – We did it! 2023 MDGA Division 2 pennant champions. Winning 3/2 against a strong Riverside team.

Luke Benham, Greg Philp, Michael Smith, Blaine Cucia & John Zara, our winning team. Greatly supported throughout the season by Bruce Johnston.
Our club will only go from strength to strength with the our very keen Division 3 guys Jackson Leslie, Anthony Scarcella, Dean Leslie and Jim Carruthers coming out and caddying and cheering on Div 2. Jacob Pulvermueller came & caddied for Luke Benham, learning some golf & pennant strategy. Was great to see other members coming out & cheering on the team.
A huge thank you to David Smith, Peter Cramp & Barry Avery for their amazing culinary skills on the bbq. A massive thank you to Britz Browne for helping MDGA President, Greg Rhodes & myself with all the paper work for the pennant yesterday.
To John French for the beers for the team, thank you. Also to the bar staff & kitchen staff thank you. The day went perfectly.
Michele Philp
Robinvale Golf Club

Div. 2 2023 Winning Pennant Team – L-R John Zara, Blaine Cucia, Greg Philp, Captain Michele Philp, Michael Smith, Luke Benham & Bruce Johnston

Week 4 – Wow, what a fantastic day today at Riverside Golf Club.

First up our Div 3 guys put up a valiant effort against Mildura Gold, who had to win against us to make the final. Boy did we make them work hard. Jackson Leslie had a great win 3/2 after being down in his match. Anthony Scarcella and Jim Carruthers both squared. Whilst Dean Leslie and Justin Harvey had losses.
A win today was an absolute necessity for Div 2. With a fantastic
 3 1/ 2 to 1 1/2 win over a strong Red Cliffs team, they have made the final next week at Robinvale. Blaine Cucia had an awesome 3/2 win over 1 handicapper Chris Thomas, Mick Smiths 6/4 win over 2 handicapper Ben Hogan was simply amazing. We have brought John Zara up from Div 3 to boost Div 2 and  he has become a steady backbone for us. Although losing today 4/3, being his 1st loss for the season, he wasn’t the only one having trouble on the hard fast greens. What can we say about Uncle Fly, he has looked out for all the guys, helping them in anyway he can. After being 3 down after 11 holes, he clawed his way back for a squared match. After being 2 down after 2 holes, Lukie Benham decided it was time to knuckle down for a brilliant 7/6 win.
Whatever happens next Sunday, I’m very proud of the commitment and dedication to travelling each week and playing to represent the Robinvale Golf Club. An absolute pleasure to Captain both Divisions

Week 3 – Pennant was played at Red Cliffs last Sunday. Course was in great condition.

Division 3 lost 3/2. Wins to Justin Harvey and Anthony Scarcella couldn’t quite get the team home, with losses to Jackson Leslie, Dean Leslie and newcomer to pennant Ivan Hingano.

Division 2 had another 3/2 win this week. Wins to John Zara, Mick Smith and Fly got us our 3rd win on the trot. Narrow losses to Bruce Johnston and Blaine Cucia. Next week Division 2 play Riverside at Mildura at 11.30am. Info for Division 3 will be out later this week when ladders are completed.

Week 2 – pennant results.

Both divisions had very close matches with contests coming down to the last hole.

Div 2 defeated Merbein 3/2

Luke Benham lost 6/5

Blaine Cucia won 3/2

Greg Philp won 2/1

Mick Smith won 1up

Bruce Johnston lost 7/6

Div 3 squared with Ouyen.

Jackson Leslie lost 1 down

John Zara won 4/3

Justin Harvey squared his match

Anthony Scarcella lost 5/3

Dean Leslie won 4/3

Michele Philp

Week 1 – Pennant started Sunday 1st October at Merbein Golf Club. This year we have teams playing in Division 2 & Division 3. With some of our players not having played much pennant, they did a great job.

Division 3 – Unfortunately lost 3 1/2 – 1 1/2.
Jim Carruthers lost 5/4
Anthony Scarcella lost 5/4
Dean Leslie squared his match
Justin Harvey lost 5/3
Jackson Leslie won 2 up on the 18th
Better luck next week.
Division 2 had an awesome win 5/0.
Michael Smith won 1 up on the 18th
Blaine Cucia won 5/3
Greg Philp won 2/1
John Zara won 5/4
Bruce Johnston won 3/2

Next Sunday Div 2 take on Merbein at Coomealla at 10am. Div 3 take on Ouyen at Coomealla at 1pm. Teams will be announced after trophy presentations on Saturday. Thanks to Dean Leslie & Anthony Scarcella for sponsoring our pennant shirts. They look great.

Dean Leslie, Blaine Cucia, Justin Harvey, John Zara, Jackson Leslie, Greg Philp & Anthony Scarcella getting ready for the first pennant match of the season.

Saturday September 2nd Monthly Medal sponsored by John Zara.
NTP’s – 9th – B Johnston
14th – C Remer
3rd – S Calarco 70 nett
R/U – L Benham 70 nett
W – B Johnston 73 – 9 – 64 nett.

Wednesday 30th August
NTP – Jackpot again
3rd – J Zappia 35pts
R/U –  B Avery 36pts
W –  N Johnson 37pts

Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th August
NTP Saturday
9th – S Goldsworthy
14th – M Philp
4th – P Tyrrell +2
3rd – S Goldsworthy +2
R/U – M Smith +2
W – P Jury +2

Wednesday 23rd August Stableford comp.
NTP Jackpotted again.
3rd – Cath Remer 37pts
R/U – Lorey Rogers 37pts
W – David Peniongo 38pts

The 2023 BLOSSOM CLASSIC held on Saturday was played in cool conditions.
A huge thank you to all sponsors on the day. Way too many to mention, but without sponsors a day like this can’t happen. There was a golf cart from Agg Tech up for grabs for a Hole in One on the 1st hole. Sadly no one was able to make the ace.
NTP Winners
1st – L Benham
4th – B Cucia
7th – B Cucia
9th – D Meyer
11th – K Robinson
14th – D Mitchell
Ladies Results
RU – S Goldsworthy & R Sharman 37pts
W – M Philp & K Lithgow 42pts
Mens Results
Losing on a countback for 5th place on +4 were R Ford & G Harrington, D Lithgow &
A Scarcella & D Smith & B Avery
5th – B Coombe & W Jury +4
4th – P Jury & C Gorman +4
3rd – T Jury & P Cramp +5
RU – L Rogers & R Conner +5
W – G Foster & D Moore +7

Pictured Gary Foster with his prize

On Friday 18th August, 18 hole Stroke was played in cold & wet conditions.
NTP 9th – Dean Leslie
3rd – David Peniongo 73 nett
RU – John Zara 73 nett
W – Dean Leslie 71 nett

Wednesday 16th August – Stableford
NTP jackpotted to next week.
3rd place on a countback from David Smith was Thomas Zappia  both on 34 pts.
R/U was Doug Aikman 36 pts losing on a countback to Winner Lorey Rogers also 36 pts.

Saturday 12th August. Round 3 Club Championships

NTP – 9th – J Carruthers, 14th – S Goldsworthy

3rd  – R Digala 70 nett

R/U – C Hammond 70 nett

W – G Philp 68 nett

Wednesday 9th August Stableford results.

NTP – N Johnson

R/U on a countback from S Goldsworthy was J Harvey both with 35 pts.

Winner was L Hogg 36 pts

Wednesday 2nd August Stableford

NTP – N Johnson

R/U – M Nunns with 37

Winner – P Cramp with 39

Saturday 5th August- Start of our 2023 Club Championships.

NTP 9th- P Cramp

          14th – M Philp

4th – J Leslie 72

3rd – B Evans 72

R/U – M Smith 70

Winner of August Monthly Medal sponsored by David Smith was D Peniongo 69

Sunday 6th August – 2nd round Club Championships

NTP 9th J Zara

R/U D Smith 69

Winner S Goldsworthy 66

Leaders after 2 rds

A grade – M Smith, D Peniongo and G Philp all on 162.

B Grade – B Evans leading by 3 shots from J Harvey.

Wednesday 12th July

22 players played 18 hole Stableford.

NTP winner was Leonie Cramp who also won the jackpot from the previous week.

R/U on a countback from Barry Avery was Bruce Ginn with 33 pts.

Winner of the comp was Les Hogg 34pts.

Saturday 15th July

25 players played 18 holes Stableford in beautiful winter conditions.

NTP winner on the 9th was Greg Philp, who also won the jackpot from the previous week. NTP winner on 14th was Michele Philp.

3rd place was David Peniongo 35pts

R/U was Peter Sinnott 36pts

Winner was Lorey Rogers with 37pts

Next Saturday 22nd July is 18 holes Stroke.

The following Saturday 29th July is a 4BBB Aggregate Stableford with a twist.

Happy golfing to all.

Michele Philp

Wednesday 5th July – Stableford

NTP – Jackpot

Runner up – A Scarcella with 34

Winner – S Clarke with 36

Saturday 8th July – V Par

NTP’s    –       9th – Jackpot, 14th – S Clarke

3rd Place – B Ginn with -2

Runner up – S Clarke with -1

Winner – L Hockey with +1

Wednesday 28th June – Stableford

NTP – B Cucia

Runner Up – D Leslie 35pts

Winner – F Garreffa 37pts

Saturday 1st July – 18 Hole Stroke, Monthly Medal Sponsored by Elders Real Estate


9th – F Zappia

14th – Lynne Rogers

3rd Place – M Smith 73 nett on C/B from T Shawcross

Runner Up – Lorey Rogers 72 nett

Winner – F Zappia 71 nett

Saturday 17th June – 4B Aggregate Stableford

NTPs – 9th – S Goldsworthy

14th – M Philp

Runners Up – S Clarke & L Rogers 66 pts

Winner – S Goldsworthy & L Rogers 68 pts

Wednesday 21st June – Stableford

NTP – 9th – Jackpot

Runner Up – S Clarke

Winner – S Goldsworthy

Saturday 24th June – Stableford

NTPs – 9th – G Philp

14th – S Goldsworthy

3rd Place – P Jury 33 pts

Runner Up – D Aikman 34 pts

Winner – S Goldsworthy 35 pts

5th June

Wednesday 31st May – Stableford

NTP – Jack Potts once again donated the money back, so on Wednesday it is 3 week’s worth.

3rd – T Zappia 35pts on c/b from L Cramp

R/U – J Zappia also 35pts

Winner – D Peniongo 39pts.

Saturday 3rd June – Monthly Medal sponsored by Hondo & Rids, played in amazing conditions.

NTPs – 9th – J Leslie

            14th – M Smith

4th – D Leslie 71 nett on c/b from J Harvey

3rd – S Clarke 69 nett

R/U – A Zara 68 nett

Winner – J Carruthers 67 nett

29th May

Thursday 25th May

NTP – Jackpot

Runner up – D Smith 33pts, countback from M Nunns

Winner – B Avery 36pts

Saturday 27th May

NTP’s – 9th – Greg McClure

            14th –  –

3rd – F Garreffa -1

Runner up – P Cramp -1

Winner – J Pulvermueller +5

22nd May

Wednesday 17th May

NTP – A Scarcella

R/U – P Cramp

Winner – B Cucia

Saturday 20th May – 4BBB Stableford Medley

NTP’s – 9th – D Peniongo

14th – M Forward

R/U’s – M Smith & T Shawcross 44pts

Winners – S Calarco & T Budde 45pts

Shot of the day Aaron Finch

14th May 2023

Results of this week’s comps.

Wednesday 10th May

NTP – L Hogg

R/U – M Corcoran 35pts

Winner – R Digala 40 pts

Saturday 13th May

NTP 9th – J Tate

R/U – B Avery 39pts

Winner – S Calarco 40pts

This weekend is the Robinvale Golf Club Resort OPEN TOURNAMENT. 4BBB Stableford Saturday and Men’s 36 and Ladies 18 hole Open Sunday. Please get your names, contact number & Golflink number in to the club ASAP.

Good golfing to all.

Michele Philp, Captain – Robinvale Golf Club

30th April 2023

Results of this week’s comps.

Wednesday 26th April

NTP 9th – L Hogg

R/U – D Peniongo 39 pts on c/b from R Digala

Winner – A Scarcella 39 pts

Saturday 29th April

NTP 9th – R Boyd

NTP 14th – M Corcoran

4BBB Stableford

R/U – S Calarco & T Budde 45 pts

Winner – J Tate & P Sinnott with a brilliant score of 50 pts.

Next Saturday 6th May is Monthly Medal Day. Sponsor of the day is Jeremey Boyd.

Michele Philp, Captain – Robinvale Golf Club

24th April 2023

Wednesday 19th April

NTP 9th-Jackpot

R/U – M Brown 35pts

W – W Butcher 37pts

Saturday 22nd April

NTP 9th – S Clarke

         14th – S Goldsworthy

3rd – D Aikman 70 nett

R/U – S Clarke 68 nett

W – P Clarke 68 nett on C/B

Next Saturday 29th April is a 4BBB Stableford.

Michele Philp, Captain Robinvale Golf Club Resort